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About us

As both a developer and builder, we are in a unique position to offer investors the opportunity to buy properties in sought after locations from us, saving time and money, and allowing greater control over design and the final finishy to the properties.

Blake Development Corporation is a full service development

and marketing firm.  We provide all aspects of development

including, but not limited to, design services, construction

management, contract negotiation, multi-level marketing and

sales as well as providing general contracting services.

We carefully choose our sites so that they are exclusive, sought after and well positioned both geographically and aesthetically to offer our clients quality homes in beautiful locations. Our reputation as a premiere builder in South Florida and the Bahamas continues to grow thanks to an unwavering commitment to quality, service, flexibility and integrity through every level of our organization.  We consistently expend the extra effort on every project not just to meet but exceed our investors and clients expectations.
Robert Kelly Blake is the Founder and President of Blake Development Corporation.  Mr. Blake has solely developed and marketed millions of dollars of residential property in Southwest Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas.  He has been involved in numerous real estate partnerships and projects with several of Fort Lauderdale’s leading business men, including H. Wayne Huizenga. Prior to the real estate business, Mr Blake was an airline pilot for a major airline for 15 years.  He currently holds an airline transport license along with a Florida Real Estate license.  Florida Yacht Brokers License and a 100-Ton Coast Guard Master License Mr Blake is an avid yachtsman and has traveled to the Bahamas estensively by yacht and airplane for over 40 years.

Robert Kelly Blake